Industry Bible | The “Business” Side of Show Business

When parents and their children are introduced to the entertainment industry, there are many grueling and intimidating lessons to be learned. Without the proper guidance and training, an actor’s career can be tainted from day one. The Industry Bible is an online crash course about the “business” side of show business. This workshop supplies parents with an abundance of essential industry knowledge and gives parents a realistic idea of how to secure representation, understand the casting process, juggle the elements of the industry, create a solid foundation, build their team, make essential connections, find the right training, manage their expenses, maximize their resources, spend money on the RIGHT things, have an edge over the competition, deal with the emotional journey and much more! Brought to you By Erik Lingvall




What you’ll get
  • How To Secure An Agent
  • Building Your Team
  • Find The Right Training
  • Avoiding The Scams
  • How To Find Work in Your Local Market
  • A total of 15 videos over 2 hours of content
Is this right for my kid?
  • The myths vs the facts in show business 
  • Essential facts about the entertainment industry
  • Questions about the industry -including some you didn’t know you had!
  • Hear parent’s perspective, plus those of entertainment professionals
  • Free preview
  • Access from any computer, smart phone or tablet
  • Lifetime access with no limits
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Guaranteed to help you avoid all the scams



Erik Lingvall

Industry Expert Erik Lingvall is the owner of The Acting Camp in California, an all-inclusive three day event, exclusively designed for young performers and parents. Bringing with him over a decade of experience working in the industry, Erik began his career as a professional actor in Los Angeles. He then moved into production, casting & talent scouting, establishing relationships with hundreds of agents, managers & casting directors throughout the country. Erik recently relocated to Atlanta, where he is one of the esteemed instructors at the Atlanta Workshop Players Acting Studio. Erik’s current focus is educating young actors and parents throughout the country, helping to guide them toward a successful career path.

Craig Gross

Craig Gross is the father of a child actor which could technically make him a stage dad. Craig and Erik first met at one of Erik’s camps. Craig and his son followed Erik’s advice step by step which played a huge part in breaking in and working in the entertainment industry. Craig has a ton of insight from the parents perspective to share alongside Erik in the Industry Bible workshop.




“I have had the privilege of working with Erik Lingvall, what keeps me coming back is Erik’s endless enthusiasm for and knowledge about the business. Aside from pulling from his own experiences, he has access to so many resources in the industry and is constantly working to gain the knowledge necessary to guide young actors and their parents in the right direction. Erik is a down to earth person and someone to trust when you are trying to navigate this overwhelming business. And having been in this business for almost 20 years, someone like Erik Lingvall is the guy you want in your corner.”

- Jami Rudofsky, Casting Director for Gilmore Girls

“In this industry we are surrounded by all types of people…every once in a while you come across someone who truly believes, lives and loves what he does and the people he works with. I have had the pleasure of seeing Erik Lingvall in action. Rarely do you get to see someone who has as much energy and interest in each and every person he works with. He truly loves what he does, cares so much, and it shows in his work.”

- Stella Alex, The Savage Agency

“In the world of child actors and their parents, one rarely finds an Erik. His warm dedication to the children who want to travel down the path to professional acting is unsurpassed. Rarely have I met someone who cares so much. Erik has a great understanding of the arduous journey the parents must take as well. He educates them with respect and guides them with all the knowledge he has garnered from his work and from his interactions with the professionals who are in the trenches. You are in good hands!”

- Deborah Dion, Casting Director for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, Limitless

“By being affiliated with Erik, you will raise the bar for your own child. He is a tireless worker that refuses to accept limitations being placed on himself and/or his students and their parents. Since making Erik a significant part of our team, Blake has gained skills, confidence and exposure. He has also secured a wonderful agent and booked roles for film and TV!”

- Shari, Blake Cooper's Mom recently booked Maze Runner

“Erik’s been an instrumental part of Bryson’s success. The relationship that we have built with him is simply priceless. Erik genuinely cares! He’s helped us with everything that we have had questions about. We never thought that Bryson would be where he is today in 9 month, but he is and we owe it all to Erik Lingvall, a wonderful, amazing, knowledgeable caring guy!”

- Cynthia, Bryson Keyser's Mom recently booked Franklin & Bash